Crossroads GT this year was a four-man team tourney, which basically meant it was a standard 2250 COK18 event with an added minigame where captains haggled over who got to play whom and what scenarios they’d use. I never really got the hang of the process, and I’m still not confident I got any of them right, but our team was intentionally pretty weak and we were just there to cuddle.

– Salamanders (fire elemental / breath weapon spam)
– Night-Stalkers (blood worm legion + mind screech spam)
– Ogres (balanced with chariots + boomers)
– Orcs (balanced with chariots + boomers)

For our first game we played STG, and during matchups I took the worst matchup on myself, to save my teammates the displeasure of playing a brutal af Elf list.


– Elves vs Salamanders
– Dwarfs vs Orcs
– Varangur vs Ogres
– ??? vs Night Stalkers


Salamanders 2250

Fire Elemental Horde – Brew of Courage
Fire Elemental Horde
Fire Elemental Horde
Fire Elemental Horde
Fire Elemental Horde
Ember Sprite Regiment
Ember Sprite Regiment
Ember Sprite Regiment
Ember Sprite Regiment
Agnih-Bhanu, Greatest Fire Elemental
Herald – Banner of the Griffin
Mage-Priest – Surge (8), Heal (3), Bane Chant (2), Inspiring Talisman
Mage-Priest – Martyr’s Prayer (7), Bane Chant (2), Healing Brew
Clan Lord on Fire Drake – Blessing of the Gods

Hot sauce board with hot tamale dispenser created for the event ;D All my team did cute patterned cloth boards instead of using our display bases, which wouldn’t have matched anyway.

Not too mind-exploding of a list tweak, just a pip of Nv on the special horde as opposed to a diadem that I used in 2/5 games at Keystone. These dudes were always overextending and taking it on the chin, so more survival is more better. Extra points went into BC on the inspiring priest, which seems like a nutty number of spells (4!) but then again I found I occasionally wanted to throw some more BC out however the little priest was busy martyring things and couldn’t be bothered to chant things. I’d rather have the option than not, and frankly if I didn’t have all those shambling hordes I wouldn’t be taking surge at all, it’s really there for that once a game spin-and-charge.
Elves 2250

Kindred Archer Horde – Heart-seeking Chant
Kindred Archer Horde – Wine of Elvenkind
Stormwind Cavalry Regiment – Cat Potion
Drakon Rider Horde – Brew of Sharpness
Drakon Rider Horde – Brew of Strength
Dragon Breath
Dragon Breath
Dragon Breath
Elven Mage – Heal (3), Bane Chant (2), Black Iron Crown
Noble War Chariot – Inspiring Talisman
Dragon Kindred Lord – Chant of Hate

So this list was designed by the TO and being piloted by an AOS player who had started KOW about two weeks before. This was exceedingly painful to face, and the guy was apologetic, as it turned out much nastier than he anticipated and he spent the weekend apologizing to everybody as a result. Fun Fact: he did lose one match, vs some hero in round five.

I gave us Dominate, one of my stronger scenarios, though honestly I should have done Invade if I really wanted a chance at the draw, as I could have refused the flank. Bloodfire won initiative.



Bloodfire takes a deep breath and rolls out.

Bam! Elves Turn 1 and the pincers form. The left two Sprites are blown away by Archers.

With few other options, the red tide pushes further into the center, while preparing to engage on the left. The cheeky rightmost Sprites enter the woods and barf a wound on the Noble Chariot.

The Elves take up position . . .

. . . and bring the heat. Shockingly none of the Fire Elemental hordes pop, despite significant damage.

Sally 3 sees me pull a trick from that last game with Elves: I overextend to entice him to engage with his dragon, so I can maul it at the cost of a horde, by charging one of the offered Dragon Breaths. Otherwise my mages heal / pray a die of damage off the mangled horde while Sprites puke a wound off the other central Dragon Breath. Its sister is pulped by the Fire horde, which foolishly doesn’t reform to face the Dragon – I hear the voice of my last Elf opponent saying I shouldn’t be afraid of Archers rearing me, they’ve got better things to do.

The Elves pounce! Which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t also shoot, bringing the Fire Elementals with Brew of Courage (the quadruple elemental unit) up to 13 and popping them (@ 19 Nv) – removing the dragon’s reprisal – and putting a stunning 9 damage into Agnes.

In combat the Dragon shreds its wounded quarry, the Sprites flanked by the Noble annoyingly waver, and the Stormwind do a solid 9 damage to their Fire horde but bounce.

Bloodfire returns the favor where able, sending Fire + Agnes in the flank into the Stormwind and flanking the Noble in chariot.

The CLOFD tags 3 damage into the Dragon, the little Mage prays a solid 6 damage off of Agnes, and Elves get dead in the combat phase, earning me at least 1 VP whatever happens.

With their keen eyes and pointy ears, the Elves spy double overruns I didn’t see – and am fakking furious with myself for. I hate when I do these things, as they’re entirely avoidable. Anyway, Dragon -> big Mage -> Fire horde’s rear and Drakon -> little Mage -> 5” overrun into CLOFD’s flank. Oh, also other Drakon into fresh Fire horde.

The Drakon’s evaporate the little Mage and slam a 6” on the overrun, flanking and obliterating the CLOFD as well (which was not such a sure bet, considering hindering and whatever . . . except that his dice were on fire the whole game, and apparently every game of the tournament; he apologized some more but in my experience Elf players always have hot dice, go figure).

The big Mage is devoured and the Fire horde stomped out by the Dragon, while the other Drakon roll like insane baby dragons and do 11 to their Fire horde, who somehow hold. Worst of all though? Agnes is gunned down by Dragon Breath + bane-chanted piercing Archers. Sweet hell.

Bloodfire 5, for vengeance! A wounded Fire horde smashes another Dragon Breath while a more wounded one puts 2 (!) wounds on their Drakon. Coincidentally that’s the same number of wounds the remaining Sprites do to the other Drakon.

It’s an orgy of violence as the Elves pull the noose tight and kick out the supports. Some Archers flank and pop a Fire horde (*golf clap for style points, young sir*), other Archers scatter some Sprites, Drakons eat the remaining Sprites, more Drakons finish off their mangled Fire horde annnnd the Dragon eats the Herald, putting an end to the spicy scourge.


So yea. That was rough. I also can’t remember being tabled in a tournament game of KOW, let alone in Turn 5! The dude’s next opponent was likewise tabled, and was seen wandering the hall in a daze, muttering to himself, “”But . . . I’’ve never been tabled. Ever . . .””

The team as a whole did very badly, with 1 losing draw, 2 loses with 1 VP (me!) and one total loss. Oof.


4 thoughts on “GAME 31: ELVES

  1. Zess Williams

    So I accidentally found one of your more recent battle reports while researching Varangur. I am your opponent from this match! It was indeed a brutal battle, and opened my eyes to a lot of things KoW. You will be happy to hear, I no longer am a ringer using Corey’s toys, and actually have my own army now. Guess what? I haven’t fired a single arrow in a while ;). I hope to see the gentlemen of Cuddletime at the next Crossroads, and be allowed to repent for the sins of playing Elves… with my new Undead! Gonna go read some more BRs, I love the blog!


    1. Dude! Thanks for the kind words on here, and it was great to see you back at Crossroads this weekend. How did you end up doing? Meant to check in afterwards but everything falls apart pretty quickly after the raffle / awards.

      Been thinking of you with the new Elf leaks, and that ‘Gotta Go Fast’ alpha strike list you showed me. I think it’s still a thing, even with Drakons going irregular and losing that easy button nimble:

      Silverbreeze Cavalry Regiment
      Silverbreeze Cavalry Regiment
      Stormwind Cavalry Regiment
      Stormwind Cavalry Regiment
      Drakon Riders Horde
      Drakon Riders Horde
      Drakon Riders Horde
      Drakon Riders Horde
      Dragon Kindred Lord

      Yours punched down harder on Drakons I think, but you need unlocks and Silverbreeze are legit good. I do hear chaff is helpful in this game as well, however who has time when you’re slamming into the enemy’s face!


    2. Zess Williams

      Hey, sorry for such a late reply! I just ended up digging the alert out of my email. I did pretty horribly, a lot of mistakes and I think I rolled 7 Snake eyes across the tournament? Hard to build momentum when your hammers turn out to be made of rubber, haha!

      As far as the Elf concept, I was actually just toying around with the idea today as well, seeing what could fit at 2300! I will be using Undead again at Best of the Rest, but looking at it, you can mix Drakons, Silverbreeze, and Stormwind in some pretty interesting configurations. 4-Storm 4-Silver2-Drakon is possible for example. Dragons open up a whole bunch of options there too. I feel like they have a lot of potential as a fast cavalry strike powerhouse. Not sure I’ll ever get around to busting an army out for it, but maybe someday. I’ll certainly be curious to what blends other people cook up.

      And as far as chaff… Nah! My “Chaff” for Best of the Rest is 2 Hordes of Revenant Cavalry, bwahaha! Actually going to be my heaviest magic list ever, with three Necromancers all taking Weakness, and one also having Banechant, and a ASB with Lute for a second Banechant. And… 5 regiments of Vampires split between mounted and foot. It has few actual answers to chaff, but I hope it is a fun ride nonetheless. I am pleased to see you are also going, so I’ll see you there! Hopefully you had luck selecting the army you wish to use.


  2. Zess! Good to hear from you, even better to hear you’ll be at BOTR! Undead seem real good, made stronger by me never practicing against them outside of tournaments … Waitasec, are you really taking double rev cav hordes?? Whoa now.

    I ended up going with the crabs, if I don’t run them for this I’ll probably never finish updating the army for 3E. Still struggling with them but vaguely having more success – not winning per se but I have a little better idea on what it’s actually good at. Undead will probably be especially hard for this army, without very many attaks to apply fast enough.

    Anyhoo, catch you out there in a few weeks!


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