After a lovely evening of raiding Cape Cod and playing arcade games at Skull Face’s pad, we were back at the Cape Cod Curling Club for another day at Orc Town. I’m unexpectedly on Table 3 or 4 facing off against Corey Reynolds, a Masters-tier player who also runs the Crossroads GT (which kicks off in just a few days of writing this!) The last time I played Corey was in Philly on the top table in the last round of a WHFB GT, where I conceded because I had no chance of doing anything to his Wood Elves once they broke through my Skaven lines and I wanted to drive home. Coincidentally that was the last time I’ve conceded :X


Twilight Kin 2600
Blade Dancer Neophytes Horde
Twilight Gladestalkers Regiment
Twilight Gladestalkers Regiment
Impalers Regiment – Brew of Strength
Impalers Regiment
Cronebound Fiends Horde – Brew of Sharpness
Cronebound Fiends Regiment
Cronebound Shadowhounds Troop
Cronebound Gargoyles Troop
Cronebound Gargoyles Troop
Cronebound Mind-Screech – Lightning Bolt (6), Mind Fog (6), Wind Blast (6)
Cronebound Mind-Screech – Lightning Bolt (6), Mind Fog (6), Wind Blast (6)
Cronebound Archfiend – Fireball (10)
Mikayel, Lord of Nightmares [1]
Soulbane on Dread-Fiend

Naturally Corey is playing his Twilight Kin 😐 It’s certainly not the worst TK list, with blessedly zero levels of Host Shadowbeast, plus it looks amazing hobby-wise. But it’s still TK – even his ‘Cool New Model Added to Hit 2600 Points’, the Archfiend, is an absolute unit against me thanks to Stealthy. Corey is adamant I have more of a chance than I think but there’s only one way to find out …

We’re playing Kill, which is a bummer in general and especially against his list. Stealthy will make it hard to kill with my shooting, and that’s how my list usually kills :/ Corey is going first. Here’s the rundown (head back to 34/35):

The Kin pushed hard into the center and then the left side, which involved a lot of playing peek-a-boo around that leftmost forest as grinding happened towards the center. A grind which I didn’t win but I did kill his Archfiend with my Coral Giant, and we all know I love a clash of the titans.

I felt a lot more confident on the right flank, however his shooting was far more effective than mine, and my double Kraken rush got bogged down with Gargoyles and dismantled by an unexpected Impaler counter. I also lost my Placos by woefully underestimating Twilight Gladestalkers in combat – poison melee, even hindered, does work! However you slice it, this was a big …


In talking about it afterwards, Corey felt I should have just put all my guns on the right side and really forced down his Gladestalkers, and then put all the titans together on the left and gone full square base monster mash. I’m genuinely curious if that would have worked, as I so often try to spread things out when the game rewards focused aggression whenever possible. Ah well.

With that drubbing I plummet down the tables to face the Glacier King and friends in …


None shall pass!

Northern Alliance 2600
Frostfang Cavalry Horde
Ice Elementals Horde
Ice Elementals Horde
Huscarls Regiment
Tundra Wolves Regiment
Ice Kin Hunters Troop
Half-Elf Berserkers Troop
Cavern Dweller
Ice Kin Bolt Thrower
Lord on Chimera
Hrimm, Legendary Ice Giant [1]
Ice-Queen – Surge (8), ???

There are 160 points of missing upgrades which I assure you exist and are smart, I just don’t have a list or much memory of the match left 😛 It’s a very unassuming list piloted by the youngest member of the New England War Kings, however he was in the running for highest attrition so was clearly putting work in the violence department!

The final game was Loot with 3 tokens, with the Alliance going first. Here’s the play by play (start on 41/42 and prepare for glamour shots of Hrimm doing stuff since I love that model):

I felt pretty strong going into this, as NoAl are relatively weak, the list seems a bit unfocused and I’m a more seasoned player. WELL that started to change Turn 2, when he alpha-ed the Water Elementals with his Frostfang and central Heartpiercers with his Chimera and routed both with solo charges. That’s not really supposed to happen, y’all, and it split my battleline, voided the traps I’d set and made me scramble to deal with these hammers instead of having time to whittle down the Frostbound stuff shuffling toward me. The flanking Kraken also ran into embarrassing predicaments, with the right one getting stuck fighting Wolves for half the game and the left one eventually being shot to death by a troop of Ice Kin Hunters and a single Ice Kin Bolt Thrower :O I had to golf clap those guys, but WOW.

Despite these setbacks, the Crabs did take their pound of cold flesh over the course of the game, but losing hammers so early made it hard going. A fun, bloody game to end the tournament. Oh right, and a …


My opponent would go on to win a trophy for highest attrition! I’m sure the 2135 points I gave him here helped 🦀

After a meteoric first day, I’m sure I was ending up somewhere in the middle, maybe higher-mid if my soft scores were good. We assembled for the endless raffle as points were furiously tallied up, and I came away with the swag I really wanted, which is always nice.

Finally, Orc Town is known for its awesome trophies, so all that was left was to see who walked away with them:

I’ll cut to the chase: I won Best Sports! As voted by my five opponents, which makes the award even more humbling. Big thanks to all those lads and to the hardworking maniacs in NEWK, I was already looking forward to next year but this time I guess I have something to live up to ❤

Orc Town GT 2022 Best Sports (with Stack of Swag + Bountiful Breads)

Thanks for reading through these recaps, sorry they weren’t the full write-ups I usually do. I’ll make another pre-Crossroads post this week gesturing towards the practice games I’ve had between Orc Town and now, but otherwise get hype for me eventually writing up another set of tournament reports in the near future!


Happy 2018! This Sunday the lads and I took a brief road trip to Kirwin’s down in Catskill, NY to meet up with some other wargamers and throwdown. We used COK18 rules because we’re fancy like that (and one of the writers of the game was in attendance!)


Salamanders 2000

Fire Elemental Horde
Fire Elemental Horde
Fire Elemental Horde
Fire Elemental Horde
Ember Sprite Regiment
Ember Sprite Regiment
Ember Sprite Regiment
Ember Sprite Regiment
Herald – Healing Charm
Mage-Priest – Surge (8), Heal (3), Inspiring Talisman
Mage-Priest – Surge (8), Heal (3)
Clan Lord on Fire Drake – Staying Stone

I’m transitioning to a double Mage-Priest list instead of the double mounted Herald version I ran last year, I guess in hopes of more surge shenanigans? And the ability to double surge in a moment of desperation. All told probably a bad idea, but it seems like it could work. I also swapped the Ankylodon out for the new legendary fire elemental, Agnih-Bhanu! Whether or not she’s worth the points, she fits the army theme and fighting style frighteningly well, so will likely stick around for a bit. Also yes, mine’s a she, no idea what its official gender identity is. Also I’m going to call her Agnes because.

The other COK18 comp thing is the Staying Stone on the CLOFD, bringing his nerve to 16/17, hoping to avoid awkwardly wavering in a list that’s mostly fearless.

Twilight Kin 2000

Crossbowmen Horde – Blessing of the Gods
Reaper Guard Regiment
Blade Dancers Regiment
Blade Dancers Regiment
Dark Knights Troop – Potion of the Caterpillar
Dark Knights Troop
Ba’su’su’s Vile Spawn Troop
Twilight Bolt Thrower
Twilight Bolt Thrower
High Priestess of the Abyss – Bane-Chant (2), Inspiring Talisman
Ba’su’su the Vile

My opponent hadn’t played KOW in 1.5 years (!), but dipped into her pool of Dark Elves and magicked up a nice balanced list.

We diced up good old Loot and distributed the counters pretty evenly across the center line. She won first turn, loaded her crossbows and took it.



Agnes PIP, charging up her laser hand!

The Kin mobilize, freeing themselves of terrain on the (my) right and increasing the pressure on the left. The shooty center peppers one of the Fire Elemental hordes on the left for 5 wounds, no thanks to the Priestess who failed to bane-chant them (and would fail consistently to get 2 successes throughout the game), and one bolter tags Agnes for a wound.

Bloodfire scoots forward, bringing Ember Sprites to bear where able. Sprite vomit burns the Gargoyles and the pathfinding Death Knights but rout tests can’t even pull a waver (missed Gargs by 1 :P). Heal is cast down the line, bringing the wounded Fire horde to 3 but doing nothing for Agnes’ wound.

Kin respond with some dancing on the right flank, not wanting to dive into the Bloodfire heavies, but sufficient aggression on the weaker redemental left. Dark Knights and regenerated Gargoyles slam into the Ember Sprite screens as shooters reload …

… and put some serious hurt on the wounded Fire horde. They somehow survive on 13 wounds, though the Sprites either pop or are frustratingly wavered.

Hot reprisal is swift, maybe too much so. I thought about combo-charging both Fire hordes into the Dark Knights, to ensure their demise and get the wounded dudes up the board, but decided one would be enough and the other unit should be able to wreck Basusu (who I really underestimated). So one Fire horde charges into the Dark Knights and the other surges into the uber-gargoyle. Unfortunately the Dark Knights escape with a wavering, despite decent damage (8), and Basusu cops some wounds (5) but doesn’t care.

On the right flank, the red tide slops into shooting distance, tossing some Ember Sprite breath into the Blade Dancers and then eradicating the Hydra. Props to Agnes and her hate ray for like 8+ of those 14 wounds it took.

The Kin retaliate for the Hydra’s death by descending upon the Ember screen, liquifying them as expected. Agnes is also slammed by Twilight firepower (for 5 wounds), towering as she is above the melee.

Combat snaps to life on the left as well. Wavered Dark Knights cycle out for a fresh unit, along with a Hydra in the flank; Gargoyles head back into the Sprites; and Basusu counter-charges the rapidly dissipating Fire horde.

With the exception of the obnoxious Sprites, who waver again, everything dies -_-

Sally Turn 3 sees the right flank pulverize the Kin regiments, melting both units (a healed Agnes obliterates a few Blade Dancers personally – Crushing 4 in action y’all!). The Mage-Priest on the left jukes the Dark Knights in her grill and nukes their wounded compatriots holding the loot token, burning them down with a proper fireball. The CLOFD also reaches over the heads of the Fire Elementals on the right and slams 4 wounds into the Priestess, but can’t land the waver/rout.

Basusu jumps on her in return, scoring a couple wounds and disordering her, as the Hydra begins his long trek back to the action and the Gargoyles finish squishing the last of the Sprites.

Meanwhile, the Blade Dancers hurl themselves into the Fire horde that killed their sisters, ripping off 4 wounds thanks to a rare successful bane-chant. Agnes also takes a punishing volley of fire, going up to 11 wounds and popping even with the reroll.

As the Bloodfire mourns the death of their living legend, the Blade Dancers detonate spectacularly under 54 Fire Elemental attaks. And far away on the left, the Mage-Priest counter-charges Basusu but can’t land a wound.

Kin Turn 5 mostly means repositioning the flanking force from the left and shooting red things. The closer of the remaining Fire hordes is ventilated by insane crossbow fire + high explosive bolter rounds, popping it in one go @_@ Also Basusu makes good and routs his Priest quarry.

Very low on options, the Redementals shove on, hoping for some kind of long breath attak or surge charge. The last Fire horde is healed for 3 and the CLOFD chunks some damage on the right Bolt Thrower, routing it.

Turn 6 opens with those plucky Gargoyles charging the Fire horde (for 1 wound), plus another withering round of fire, this time into the CLOFD for a very plucky waver (7 wounds shooting for 16/17 and landed the 10).

The Gargoyles die in the counter-charge and the CLOFD turns to keep its front to the Hydra if we go into Turn 7. The ladies combine their powers and heal him for 2 :/


With a final sneer, the Twilight Kin send the Hydra into the Fire horde’s front, where it flubs pretty spectacularly. Shooting stays locked on the CLOFD, ending him with a total of 16+ wounds.

Finally, the Fire Elemental horde burns the Hydra down, but that leaves Salamanders with 1 token to the Twilight Kin’s 2.