What is up, Bloodfirers! Like many gamers, I spent lockdown 2020-2021 trying really hard to not buy all the things (and mostly failing but the LGS needed supporting, dammit) and to paint at least a few things, which admittedly was pretty difficult without any gaming happening. Luckily Kings of War is endlessly inspiring for me, which combined with my backlog and the 3D printer I got in July 2020, meant I eventually did add another mediocre KOW army to my stables 😅

The concept was to use up a ton of Golem Arcana prepainted single sculpts I got when Miniature Market liquidated them, combined with a bunch of Mantic zombies + GW dryads I had for infantry … but I can’t stand mold lines, so once I got my printer I stepped sideways into some similar dark fae / treemonic sculpts from Lord of the Print (the last two ‘centaur chiefs’ are from MiniMonsterMayhem). Would I have done the army differently if I didn’t have all the prepaints already and had my printer from the start? Absolutely, there are dozens of great spooky tree people/monsters to be printed. That said, I’m happy with the project, it was a ton of fun to paint (almost all contrast + washes), and it cleared a big chunk from the backlog so success!

List-wise, I’m running it as Herd, because ain’t nobody play them, and because I really like the infantry regiment options. The army is about 3k painted, with probably one more BIG model to be added, and through the (quickie) reports to come you’ll probably see me struggling to get to grips with what I can get the list to do.

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